CMF Global Missions Movement offers you the opportunity to serve and be apart of a transformation.

John Maxwell Leadership Summit & Training

John Maxwell is a remarkable Leader who is known for his exceptional leadership skills and Knowledge. He stated that “he believes the greatest legacy a leader can leave is having developed other leaders. Develop them as widely and as deeply as you can.”
Paul Mohabir is a certified coach, teacher and speaker with the John Maxwell Team, presently residing in the United States of America.

His main mission is to develop leaders across the world and the John Maxwell Leadership Training gives him this opportunity. It is his desire to make the John Maxwell Leadership Training affordable for persons who cannot afford the actual cost so as to reach leaders at every level.

International Women's Ministry - Deborah Company

The Deborah company is a divinely inspired company which was estab- lished by Dr. Patricia Mohabir, an exceptional woman along with a dynamic team of ministers who have dedicated their time to the development of other women.

This COMPANY – is committed to empowering and equipping women with strategies for a victorious life and to fulfill God’s purpose. The Deborah’s are fulfilling prophetic purpose and moving forward with the mission by embracing positive values in the spirit of love. Our aim is the salvation of the lost, relationship and growth, both with God and with each other.

Missions Trip(s) to Central & South America, India and the Caribbean

UPCOMING: April 29-May 10, 2020!

Bring His passion and Hope to this beautiful nation!

We depart as a team with departures from New York or Miami to spend 11 days ministering God’s love to the people of Guyana and taking in the natural beauty of their land. In partnership with The Passion Translation, we will serve as the ministry team helping with a national women’s conference and a national ministry leaders gathering! We will pray with them and prophesy the goodness of God over their lives!

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